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Kral Şakir Korsanlar Diyarı

Year: 2019

Genre: Comedy - Family 3D Animation

Director: Haluk Dizdaroglu, Berk Tokay

Cast: .

Duration: 94 min


The cartoon series King Shakir comes to the silver screen! A favorite of audiences of all ages, King Shakir is ready to take you to

a whole new adventure. When a lab experiment goes wrong, a portal opens between a game on Fil Necati’s phone and real life.

Shakir finds himself and his family trapped in the games on Fil Necati’s phone, on a quest to save the world. Shakir and his family

must now complete all the games and stop the game before the real world comes to an end. In this adventure, our heroes will face

many enemies who will try to stop them, and go through many perilous video games.