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Bayi Toplantısı

Year: 2020

Genre: Action- Comedy

Director: Bedran Guzel

Cast: Ibrahim Buyukak

Duration: 115 min


A new comedy from the ‘Locksmith’s

Debt’, ‘Travel Mates’ and ‘Travel Mates

2’s screenwriter İbrahim Büyükak and

director Bedran Güzel! What could

possibly happen within the borders of a

certain hotel, to three unique tradesmen

from Antep, who come to Istanbul for

a vendors meeting? As Sadık, Adem

and Namık go through a complicated

period in their lives, their paths cross at a

vendors meeting. With the influence of a

friend from the past, they find themselves

in the midst of a notorious robbery plan.

In order to escape from this adventure,

they will have to learn the importance of

solidarity and to act fast.