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Kanunsuz Topraklar

Year: 2021

Genre: Drama

Director: Faruk Teber

Cast: Ugur Gunes, Esra Bilgic Tore, Necip Memilli, Murat Dalbatan, Kaan Tasaner, Ali Erkazan, Eylul Su Sapan

TV Hours: 52



The year is 1940, Zonguldak, Turkey.  


Everybody in town makes a living by working at the coal mine that belongs to the richest man in town, Malik, a vile and unscrupulous man. In addition to the mine, he also owns most of the agricultural fields in town, meaning that the people living on these lands are practically his tenants. Malik doesn't ask them for rent, but they pay more than enough by working for peanuts at the mine.


The system of exploitation that Malik has established has made him powerful and wealthy, especially during wartime. His word is law for the people living in town.

The protagonist, Davut, lives a modest life with his two brothers, his 6-year-old sister and his parents. His father Tahir and his brothers Celal and Eyup are miners like him.


Davut and his father are concerned because of the heavy rains that have been falling for the past days.

Davut warns Malik, yet Malik decied to bar the workers from leaving and locks the mine so they do not stop working. The mine collapses, and Malik's actions result in nine coal miners’ deaths, one of them being Davut’s father. Davut is furious and heartbroken. He confronts Malik  and shoots him. 


Malik does not die, but is heavily injured. Davut is immediately taken into custody for attempted murder but Malik has an unexpected offer for him. He tells him he will drop the charges against him, but in return, Davut will have to do his dirty work for him. Davut accepts the offer so that he can destroy and take down the system from within.


One day, Gulfem, Malik’s daughter, sees him, and she instantly detests him. She can easily have anything she wants, but now, here is the volatile, stubborn and unattainable Davut. He soon becomes an adventure for her - a way to find out about the real world. Their hostile relationship soon turns into a love affair and Davut asks Gulfem to marry him. 

Malik has no intention of letting Gulfem marry the man who does his dirty business for him. He wants to marry her off to Ali Gelik - a rich mining boss.

"LAWLESS LOVE" is the impossible love story of Gulfem, the daughter of a rich mining boss, and Davut, a mine worker, whose lives will change unexpectedly after a tragic accident.