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Year: 2005

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Bahadır Ince

Cast: Ahu Turkpence, Murat Unalmıs, Nurseli Idiz, Atilla Saral

Duration: 142


Fame is something most people long for... A modern Cinderella tale about an ordinary girl, who has to sacrifice everything, on her way to stardom, because “fame” always has a price.

Gülşen lives in a poor neighbourhood with her mother and three siblings. Their father had left them years ago and ran with another woman. Gülşen’s brothers Serkan and Hakan work in a car repair shop but don’t contribute much to their family as they always get involved in dirty business. After graduating high school, Gülşen is forced to start working at a boutique in order to provide for her family.

The boutique has a lot of customers from Istanbul’s high society circle. Gülşen, attends a party organized by one of the boutique’s customers where she meets Mert, the son of Müberra Erdem, the country’s most famous singer. Mert, fascinated by Gülşen’s beauty can’t take his eyes off of her.  Pressured by her friend Yeşim, Gülşen initially lies to Mert and pretends to be wealthy.

Mert and Gülşen start seeing each other but soon Mert finds out about Gülşen’s lie. Nonetheless, their love prevails and they reconcile. Muberra strongly opposes her son marrying an ordinary sales girl and tries to convince him to leave Gülşen but to no avail. Finally, she manages to drive him to the wall and strips him from his financial support. He finally he gives up.

Soon after, Gülşen learns that she is pregnant. But before she can break the news to Mert, he tells her that they should go on their separate ways, as they can’t live under these circumstances. Blinded by her pride, Gülşen, doesn’t tell Mert about the baby and decides to keep it.

Gülşen and her family move to a new neighbourhood to escape the bad memories. Mert finds consolation in alcohol and after a night of heavy drinking, he finds himself at the boutique that Gülşen works at. Gülşen’s friend Yeşim, tells him that Gülşen had commited suicide while pregnant with his baby.  Mert is devastated and filled with guilt; he drives uncontrollably and crashes his car. Meanwhile, Gülşen gives birth to their daughter.

Mert’s condition is stable but he suffers a partial memory loss and doesn’t remember Gülşen. Muberra is concerned for her son’s health, yet she is thrilled by the fact that her son has no memories of Gülşen.

One of the frequent visitors of the boutique sees a potential in Gülşen and offers her an opportunity to become an actress. She accepts and starts to quickly climb the steps of fame.

Tuğra, the biggest sponsor of Gülşen’s film slowly starts to fall in love with her.  Mert is also deeply infatuated with her without remembering their relationship.

Despite all, Gülşen and Mert get back together. Four years go by, Mert and Gülşen are still together but their relationship is suffering as Mert feels there is no room left for him in her life as she quickly climbs the stairs of fame. Furthermore, Mert is still not aware of the fact that Pelin is his daughter.

However, fate strikes again and Gülşen’s secret gets exposed – Mert finds out that Pelin is his daughter. This is the last straw for their relationship, they separate and Mert opens up a custody case to get his daughter.

For Gülşen, the turmoil that she had had to endure while climbing the steps of fame finally comes to an end as fate drives her into the arms of Tuğra.