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Romantic Comedy

Genre : Romantic, Comedy
Director : Ketche
Actors : Sedef Avci, Sinem Kobal, Burcu Kara, Engin Altan, Cemal Hunal, Gurgen Oz


It is about three girls (Esra, Didem, Zeynep) living together. Esra is hopelessly trapped and pines for something new. Didem is a ditzy party girl who makes all kinds of crazy pronouncements. The most normal one, Zeynep, of the three gets married and this causes the other two to rethink their life.. Esra realizes at the wedding of her another best friend Zeynep that she has been leading a life she never wanted to.

She decides to start a new life from the following day and quits her job and parts with her boyfriend. To celebrate her decision she goes out with Didem at night. Esra and Didem will surprisingly come together with the men they met that night again and they lives change totally..

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