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Conquest 1453

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama
Director : Faruk Aksoy
Actors : Devrim Evin, İbrahim Çelikkol, Dilek Serbest, Cengiz Çoşkun, Recep Aktuğ, Şahika Koldemir, Erden Alkan, Naci Adıgüzel, Erdoğan Aydemir, Sedat Mert
180/ 4x45


Sultan Mehmet learnt that his father, Murat II, was dead in the Saruhan Post. This was an extremely grieving time for him, but it also it gave him a chance to take the throne for the second time. Sultan Mehmet was only twelve when he first took the throne. Sultan Murat II, who had been tired of the inner conflicts, had decided to leave the throne to his son, Mehmet, after the unexpected death of his favorite son, Aladdin. But highly influential Grand Vizier Halil Pasha was upset about this new development. He was especially uncomfortable with the idea that Sultan Mehmet seemed so determined about conquering Istanbul. So, he made Sultan Murat come back to his throne because of a possible threat of another Crusader Army who was about to take advantage of the naïve Sultan Mehmet. And Mehmet was sent to a far post known as Saruhan. Now he was back and even stronger. His priority was again to conquer Istanbul. He was inspired by the words of Prophet Mohammed: "Konstantiniyyah will definitely be conquered one day. The commander who conquers it is a blessed commander. His soldiers are blessed soldiers." He had calculated everything on his path to his goal. First of all, he had to live in peace with all the neighboring countries until he was ready. He dispatched peace envoys to various leaders including the Pope, Hungarians, Serbians, the Poles, the Genoeses and the Venetians. Meanwhile, he upgraded the Gallipoli Dockyard to a level of 100 ships in only a year.
Meanwhile, Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine was trying to take advantage of Sultan Mehmet whom he considered to be a young and inept commander; he asked high amounts of subsidy for his captive, Prince Orhan. All he wanted was to weaken Sultan Mehmet's reputation. And Sultan Mehmet seemed to appease Constantine's every demand. Yet, his submissive policies were only a part of his strategy. Ottoman Army marched towards Akşehir when they heard that Karamaoğulları was about to revolt. And when Karamanoğlu İbrahim saw an enormous Ottoman army far bigger than his expectations, he immediately asked for peace. Sultan Mehmet didn't want to weaken his army in a battle so he accepted the peace offer. On the way back home, some soldiers asked for guerdon even though they hadn't actually fought. Even though Sultan Mehmet rewarded his soldiers, he also punished Grand Vizier Halil Pasha's commander, Jannisary Master Kurtçu Doğan, for the deserters. This action ensured his dominion over his own army. As soon as he returned back to his capital Edirne, he sent an ambassador to Emperor Constantine to inform him that he was not going to pay the subsidy for Prince Orhan anymore. Soon enough, he started building another fortress in Boğazkesen, Bosphporus, right across the Anatolian Hisari, another fortress in the Asian side of the strait. This was practically the same as starting a war with the Eastern Roman Empire. European states also noticed the situation. However, they couldn't provide proper support for the Eastern Roman Empire because of their own troubles. The Pope tried to initiate a campaign but it was fruitless. On April 2, 1453, the Greek soldiers on the walls of Constantinople saw Sultan Mehmet and his tens of thousands of soldiers.
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