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Recep Ivedik

Genre : Comedy
Director : Togan Gökbakar
Actors : Şahan Gökbakar, Fatma Toptaş, Lemi Filozof, Hakan Bilgin


Ivedik is a fearsome-looking uncultivated driver with a lot of aggression but a spark of goodness in him. Involved by accident in a street fight, he rescues the wallet of the owner of an Antalya luxury hotel and hits the road back to give it back to the owner.
Seeing his childhood sweetheart -Sibel- arriving at the hotel, Ivedik decides to accept the owner's offer for a free stay. The comedy film features a series of sequel films, on which Ivedik presumably in route to more adventures. "Recep Ivedik" had the highest grossing Turkish film in 2008.
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