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Recep Ivedik 2

Genre : Comedy
Director : Togan Gökbakar
Actors : Şahan Gökbakar, Gülşen Özbakan, Çağrı Büyüksavar, Efe Babacan


In this sequel, Recep tries to find a job and a wife to please his grandmother. Pointing out his share of a company led by his cousin, he works as a half-boss. His cousin gets satisfied when Recep succeeds in convincing a Japanese organization to sign an important contract.
Ivedik's efforts to satisfy his grandmother continue as he tries to find the perfect wife by the help of young worker Ali who ends up disguises as a lady and accompanies Ivedik to his grandmother and pretend they are in love. "Recep Ivedik 2" was also the highest grossing Turkish film in 2009.
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