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The Hell Of Boomerang

Genre : Action, Drama
Director : Osman Sinav
Actors : Kenan Imirzalioglu, Melda Bekcan


Mesopotamia , the Hell of Boomerang. The land which witnessed the first murder still bears witness to the worst crimes of terrorism after thousands of years. The story of Wild Heart is set in the most strategic junction of this hot region of Turkey, where thousands of lives were sacrificed to terrorism. Yusuf, an ex-soldier, goes to the southeastern part of the country to stand in as the best man at his friend Cemal's wedding. During the joyful ceremony, Cemal is shot by the hit man of a terrorist network responsible for the deaths of many members of the community.

With the help of his ex-commander, Yusuf decides to pursue the killer. As he tracks down the suspects, Yusuf finds that he has stepped into a powerful terrorist network sponsored by foreign intelligence services. As he goes deeper and deeper into the unknown, the struggle gets tougher and the action gets rougher. It's an action film with culture and intensity at its best. The Hell of Boomerang promises to satisfy anyone looking for unique, fast paced, culturally enriching entertainment.

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