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Evliya Celebi: Elixir of Life

Genre : Animation
Director : Serken Zelzele
Actors : Haluk Bilginer, Ahmet Kural, Cengiz Küçükayvaz, Nurseli İdiz


Evliya Çelebi who is seeking for the elixir of life (Ab-ı Hayat), finds what he wants on the banks of Nile River in 17th century. But the evil queen does not allow him to live his happiness for long. He finds himself in a long sleep. When he finally wakes up in the 21th century, he is now in Istanbul where two continents intersect.
His little but smart friend Can who also drank the elixir of life 400 years ago accompany Evliya Çelebi in this story. But of course the evil queen still follows and disturbs them to have the eternal power by attaining the elixir of life.
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