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The Miracle

Based on a true love story.

Genre : Drama
Director : Mahsun Kirmizigul
Actors : Talat Bulut, Mert Turak, Mahsun Kırmızıgül, Erdem Yener, Metin Yıldız, Büşra Pekin, Seda Tosun, Meral Çetinkaya, Ali Sürmeli, Erol Demiröz


Everything begins with Tahir's assignment as a teacher at a remote Anatolian village. When he learns, that there is no school in the village, he joins hands with the locals and sets out to build one, where the students and the disabled Aziz can be given an appropriate education. Up until that day, Aziz had been a disabled young man, who no one cared about and even despised, as had never been able talk or walk. Tahir starts teaching him, never giving up on him. Even though Aziz had always wanted to get married, he has never taken a step forward. Until that day. One day Aziz's father saves a man's life. The man wants to reciprocate by giving his daughter as a bride. He doesn't change his mind even when he finds out that Aziz is disabled.
Although the girl is very distressed for having to marry a disabled man, she does not defy her father and marries Aziz. With time, she begins to pay attention to him and starts loving him. They soon become the talk of the town, as people are in awe of the fact that the village's most beautiful girl is in love with the disabled man. Aziz and his wife succumb to the pressure and decide to leave the village. Tahir wants to help them, so he sends them away to his family. Aziz and his wife have fallen deeply in love; and this love becomes the ultimate cure for Aziz and his disability. With the power of love, he starts getting better with each passing day. A big surprise awaits the villagers, when years later Aziz returns to the village, together with his kids; a surprise that would have everyone drowned in tears.
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