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Genre : Horror, Thriller
Director : Hasan Karacadag
Actors : Ayca Inci, Burak Hakki, Cem Kurtoglu


Sometimes demon of the hells and Jinns come to real world! This time they have a good reason! This movie is about a real exorcism story of a young woman..27 years old Canan Karaca and her husband Volkan Karaca move to a big house that they have just bought. When everything goes well, one day strange things that we don't know the reason happens to Canan. Canan slowly turns to another being. An unnamed strange creature begins to control her. The monster shows its face to Canan step by step and puts her through the hoops.

The cruelty begins with nightmares and goes on by getting Canan's body. DEVIL's loyal servant 'SEMUM' has chosen Canan as a victim. What will SEMUM do to her and why it choosed Canan? How the Hell's door open for an ordinary person? In this movie, with a fantastic visuality you will see the unprecedented kind of fear.

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