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8 Seconds

What if there is no difference between sleep and wake up? What if our dreams are as real as our life?

Genre : Drama, Romance
Director : Omer Faruk Sorak
Actors : Esra Inal, Fahri Yildirim, Mehmet Kurtulus, Firat Celik, Leonie Benesch


Esra leads two parallel lives. In her worldly life as a Turkish Berliner in a re-united city, the vivacious and spirited Esra adores her family but feels caged in her relationships and languishes in her job. She clashes with the rules imposed on her and continually feels that something is missing, something is wrong, and there must be something more.
In her dream life she yearns to discover the identity of the familiar man who visits her dreams and make her feel whole. Yet the more she attempts to comprehend her dreams, the more deeply they influence her life. While in waking the struggles in vain, in her dream life she evolves in secret. But what if waking and dreaming were never separate and the real secret is shored by all? A film inspired by real events.
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