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Crossing Lives

A story that will warm your heart.

Father Nuri is ready to pay back! He offers a job to his ex boss' wife Melahat as a taxi driver in his own taxi stop after his suicide. So humane, so funny!

Genre : Comedy - Drama
Director : Yaşar Seriner
Actors : Zeki Alasya, Melek Baykal, Levent Ülgen

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Melahat is living a wealthy life with her daughter Tuğçe and her industrialist husband Kemal. But, things go wrong and Kemal bankrupts. This is a matter of life and death for Kemal. As he commits suicide, Melahat and Tuğçe need to wake up from this dreamlike life. They lose their house and all assets after the confiscation. They have no where to go. As soon as he hears Kemal's death from the news bulletins, Nuri Baba immediately runs for help of Melahat. Nuri Baba worked as the driver of Kemal many years ago, Then he establishes a taxi rank called "Akasya Stop". Now, he wants to show his fidelity to Kemal and his family, he offers a job in his taxi rank "Akasya Stop".

Being a nice and funny place, Akasya Stop becomes more enjoyable with the presence of Melahat. Everybody is there! Faker chaser Sinan, nervous driver Osman, Seyit who came to Istanbul from southeast to become a singer, teacher Mehmet trying to make extra money for his living, Murat works at nights as a taxi driver whose nickname is "doctor" and trying to collect money to study in the law school and finally the naive office-boy Ali Kemal, from Blacksea region.

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