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Being Mother

She lives a hard life, she has a secret, and a truth she needs to face!

While divorces hide some truths, so do they reveal others... And children always pay the price...

Genre : Drama - Romance
Director : Faruk Teber
Actors : Talat Bulut, Vahide Gördüm, İlhan Şeşen

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Musa and Zeynep decide to get married after being madly in love. Three years later Zeynep finally gets pregnant. During her pregnancy, she learns that her husband is cheating on her. She doesn't forgive his unfaithfulness and divorces him without telling him about her pregnancy and the baby. After the divorce Zeynep starts a new life by building a house on a little land that had been passed onto her by her father. She earns money by selling meatloaf in the market. Musa changes his job and becomes Secretary of State, which provides him with a comfortable life.

Their daughter Gonca is 16 years old now and has a scholarship at a good school. Zeynep had always told her that her father died many years ago. Zeynep does everything in her power to provide her daughter a good life despite her brother Mehmet's persistence and her daughter's rebelliousness, she never asks Musa for help. What would happen when Musa finds out everything by a strange coincidence?

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