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Back Streets

Life in the back streets of Istanbul. You will learn the life itself!

Historical, magical, gorgeous Istanbul and a team of five policemen who are trying to make every corner of the city much better for the people.

Genre : Action, Drama
Director : Orhan Oğuz
Actors : Zafer Ergin, Gamze Özçelik, Şevket Çoruh, Özgür Ozan, Uğur Pektaş

Total Video Hours

A police team in Istanbul fights against unlawfulness and illegality in the city. As the team do their job, all the team members come across with interesting and sometimes painful stories. Making an approach to such stories with his long carrier experience squad's chief officer gives young squad members different lessons teaching them how to cope with life.

As the team members and their family lives mix with adventure in the streets, you get to know so many facts about the city life in Istanbul.

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