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The Bitter Life

A story of love lost to poverty.

A story of love lost to poverty.Life stopped during the airtime of the series.

Genre : Drama - Action
Director : Abdülkadir Ceylan Ede
Actors : Kenan İmizalıoğlu, Selin Demiratar, Oğuz Galeli

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Mehmet and Nermin are desperately in love with each other. Both are living in the suburbs of Istanbul, trying to get rid of poverty by working harder and harder. Their only aim is to get married and have a beautiful house. While Mehmet works as a welder in a shipyard, Nermin works as a manicurist at one of the well known coiffeurs. No matter how hard they try, they never earn enough money to reach their dreams.

As Nermin gets in a term losing the hope of marriage, one of the playboys of Istanbul, Ender, falls in love with her at first sight. From that moment on, Nermin's fate totally turns into a different route. She starts to get closer to the glamorous life of Ender and edges away from the love of her life; Mehmet... After Nermin spends one night with Ender, she has no other chance but to marry him. She leaves her old poor life and her only real love behind and starts a new life with Ender.

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