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Forbidden Love

From the famous novelist Halit Ziya Uşakligil, comes one of the best examples of Turkish literature

Genre : Drama, Romance
Director : Hilal Saral Ünalan
Actors : Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Selçuk Yöntem, Beren Saat, Nebahat Çehre, Hazal Kaya

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A woman, married to an older man finds herself in a forbidden love triangle, that will forever change the lives of everyone involved. Innocence is buried behind betrayal; loyalty - overshadowed by love and passion. After his wife's death, 11 years ago, Adnan, isolated himself from the social life and dedicated his life to only caring for his daughter Nihal and son Bülent. Adnan lives in one of the most well-known mansions in Istanbul, together with a half French veteran babysitter and his distant relative Behlül. After meeting Firdevs's daughter Bihter, years later, Adnan starts feeling like he used to in the good old days, and begins to fall for her. Firdevs is a greedy woman. She is always competing with her daughters.
Even her husband's sudden death cannot make her stay away from Istanbul's social scene and night life. Bihter blames her mother Firdevs for her father's death and holds a grudge against her; despising being called Firdevs' daughter. Feeling lonely and sad, she gets involved with Adnan, and decides to start a new life with him. Firdevs thinks that Adnan is the best candidate for herself. As she is trying to attract him, her path crosses with her daughter's and a battle that will last for years begins. Bihter encounters passion and true love while searching for peace, trust and happiness. Behlül and Bihter are dragged to each other. Their forbidden love will affect everybody differently.
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