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All My Children

Sometimes "the end" may be a new start for everything.

Migrating from the East to Istanbul, this is Ali Yahya's struggle to raise and keep his five children together who have different dreams.

Genre : Drama, Family
Director : Faruk Teber
Actors : Kadir İnanır, Jülide Kural, Murat Yıldırım, Almula Uluer

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This is the story of Ali Yahya's struggle, who moved to İstanbul from Erzincan 30 years ago, to raise and keep his 5 children together. Ali Yahya was born and raised in Erzincan. He married Hülda as a result of traditions and without loving each other. During the 30 years of marriage they never loved each other but always showed respect.

Hülda loses the battle against her long term disease and passes away. This funeral brings all the family together and causes a lot of secrets to come to light. Furthermore, Hülda's death is a sign of a new beginning for everybody in Ali Yahya's family.

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