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Shattered Lives

Whatever happens, the first one to give a hand in bad days is a member of the family.

4 members of the shattered family. They feel pain, they have questions. All will be revealed with 2 unexpected love affairs.

Genre : Drama
Director : Yasemin Türkmenli
Actors : Naz Elmas, Rojda Demirer, Aytaç Arman, Nebahat Çehre

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Nİhan, Engin, Görkem and Gülen are four members of a broken family. Each have wounds, issues, and scores to settle because of this. And all of these settlements will surface with the two emerging love. Engin's love for Figen and Kaan's unexpected interest in Gülen.

Candan Öte, is a story about the conception of family, brother and sisterhood, mother and father, questioning the scars that divorce left on children. Two siblings, although having the same blood, because of the different upbringing, that parted away and finding their way back again to each other... A tale that says, in spite of those conflicts and revenges, the only truth is family. Whatever you may go through in life, there'll always be someone from your family holding your hand when you're in need.

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