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Wild Heart

The legendary story of a deadly love

The action- drama unique story of an ordinary man with strong moral values dreaming of building an honest society that will make him a hero.

Genre : Drama - Action
Director : Osman Sınav
Actors : Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Elif İnci, Demir Karahan, Ali Sürmeli

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Yusuf Miroğlu, a brave, handsome young man, also known as "Wild Heart" in his neighborhood, a hero whose heart is full of rebel against unknown perils and degeneration, and a man that gets everything he wants. A mob boss called the "Big Brother" who spreads terror and who is highly respected by his surrounding... The beautiful and innocent daughter of this mob boss who is in love with "Wild Heart"... A television producer who would venture anything and even sell his soul for the sake of his programs and rating... And the ruthless warfare to gangs continuously trying to eliminate one another without observing the law in the heart of dangerous and unknown relations and complete disorder caused by illegal renters.

The "heroism" unwillingly demonstrated by an ordinary automobile mechanic and realistic scenes from the world of "organized crime" displayed on the basis of the story of two desperate lovers. Those experiencing the deepest love accompanied by songs of melancholia and the obscurity of the deep dark underground world at the some time... The legendary story of a deadly love, driven by a burning passion side with an unavoidable social corruption in the midst of dreadful merciless people.

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