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Bread and Butter

It is a comedy best enjoyed by the whole family

"Bread and Butter" reminds us of the human relationships missing from our lives today, of warmth and sharing.

Genre : Comedy, Family, Drama
Director : Osman Sınav
Actors : Savaş Dinçel, Sermin Hürmeriç, Peker Açıkalın, Hasan Kaçan, Kadir Çöpdemir

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Bread and Butter" is a comedy based on the kind of stories that could happen in any neighborhood anywhere. Nusret, the baker, is the youngest son of a family that has run a bakery in the same neighborhood for three generations.

series develops around Nusret, his wife, his five daughters and brother-in-law. Constantly, recalling and resurrecting lost moral values, Nusret guides the local community with his humanist approach.

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