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A stormy love story in a green village of Blacksea.

Handsome Ali and beautiful but stubborn Zeynep of the small village try to survive their love against all difficulties.

Genre : Comedy - Romance
Director : Metin Balekoğlu
Actors : Burçin Terzioğlu, Murat Yıldırım, Erkan Can, Zerrin Sümer

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Ali and Zeynep love each other hoping to get together one day. Ali's father Hasan, who doesn't care about his garden and field and dreams of striking it rich in no time, and Zeynep's father, wealthy Fevzi, whom Hasan allures to a treasure hunting adventure, are happy with their children's love affair, but Zeynep's mother Emine doesn't want to marry her off to someone from the village. These two young lovers would ever be able to live their love against all obstacles?

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