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Night and Day

Attention! It is addictive. It's a great recipe for adventure with the ingredients of action, detective and comedy.

<p> is the story of how two opposite character police detectives' lives change as their paths cross.</p>

Genre : Action, Drama, Detective
Director : Metin Balekoğlu
Actors : Sarp Levendoğlu, Settar Tanrıöğen, İpek Özkök, Gül Onat

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One of them is brave, crazy, happy-go-lucky, noncompliant and fearless, the other is clear headed, rational, discreet and rule based. What happens if these two guys team up together? Narcotics Division's Captain Aslan has been transferred to Organized Crime Divison and has to work with Captain Kemal who is totally opposite to him.

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