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Family Ties

Struggle of a family against life.

Neither the curiosity of the neighbours, nor the pain of being abandoned with her three children or the ongoing restraints of the "runaway husband" could intimidate Nurhayat... What she only cares about is getting along well with her children and raising them in a good way so she tries hard to be strong and to keep her family together.

Genre : Drama, Family
Director : Osman Sınav
Actors : Melek Baykal, Tomris Oğuzalp, Kenan Pars, İsmail İncekara

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A mother, a father and three children... Ayşegül, a restless high school girl of 17; Ahmet, a 13 year old boy about to become a young man who is passionate for basketball and Orhan, "the apple of her mather's eye" in his second year at the primary school... The father, Mr.İsmail in charge of sales in an automobile firm... And of course the mother Mrs. Nurhayat, a self-sacrificing woman and a kind-hearted and ingenious "housewife" who had devoted her life to her family and began to see the world through rose-coloured spectacles... This is a family trying to lead their life in a middle class flat with all the confusion, grief and joy. One day, a simple question Mrs. Nurhayat asks about her husband's prolonged business meals and his coming home late or never coming at all causes a complicated problem and becomes the end of their established order.

The husband leaves home and Nurhayat has to face life alone with her children. The savings are spent in a few days and they set off for a living, which is worse. With her 3 children, she moves into a small house in a suburb... The neighbourhood is ready to spread gossips and it is not easy to be accepted in a new neighbourhood... What's more, it is not easy for a woman of Nurhayat's age who doesn't have a profession to find a job and support her family.

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