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The Cop and The Thief

Two people from separate worlds fall deeply in love...

This is the story of the extraordinary love between a thief and a police officer.

Genre : Action, Drama, Romance
Director : Türkan Derya Güven
Actors : Uğur Yücel, Timuçin Esen, Özlem Düvencioğlu, Vahide Gördüm

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Mavi is a beautiful and smart girl who lives with her brother, her brother's two children and her sister in one of the poor suburban of İstanbul. She steals with a gang in order to look after her family she lives with. The leader of the gang, whose nickname is Aksak, is a very tough and bad tempered person. Aksak deeply falls in love with Mavi but no one knows about his love towards her, even himself. Çınar is a great-hearted and handsome police detective. He is very faithful to his job as well as his family. Despite of his passion for becoming a father and his love towards his wife; his marriage begins to collapse due to his wife's desire for being a member of upper class.

Çınar meets with Mavi, as he investigates the mystery of stolen cars. He gets very attracted to her without knowing that she is a thief. His feelings towards her turns into a big love in a short time. On the other hand, Mavi is very biased against men, relationships and love until she meets with Çınar. After Çınar finds out Mavi's real job, this pure love story goes to dead end. Now our two characters deeply fall in love with each other but unfortunately they cannot come together. Between Mavi and Çınar, there is always "Aksak" that he can do everything not to lose Mavi.

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