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Under The Willows

Four lives intersect with a car crash! Nothing will be the same again. The show was so popular that the fans named their babies after the leading characters!"

Everything began with a fire of revenge and turned into a real love. Now he has to proove if his love is real.

Genre : Drama - Romance
Director : Kudret Sabancı
Actors : Bülent İnal, Tuba Büyüküstün, Özge Borak, Sinan Tuzcu

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Yılmaz and Elif are deeply in love and their only wish is to get married right away. Yılmaz works at customs whereas Elif works at a textile factory in very simple and modest lives. Ömer and his sister Filiz who owns the textile factory are a rich family with great success. Ömer is a handsome and irresistible man with his sister who is a disaster in her lover affairs.

four people's lives create a story when Ömer runs into Yılmaz's car accidently. Ömer meets Elif after the accident and falls in love with her immediately but he has no clue about Yılmaz and Elif's big love.

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