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Two Families

It's about love that will warm your hearts and will also seize you with the funny adventures.

The story of sarrow and hatred in the life itself; happiness and pleasure at same time under one roof.

Genre : Comedy - Romance
Director : Nursen Esenboğa
Actors : Emre Kınay, İclal Aydın, Öner Erkan, Tekin Akmansoy, Bahar Yanılmaz

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Eda is a lady trying to stand on her own feet taking care of two kids after a divorce. All she dreams is to buy a small house and open a kindergarden to earn her living. Oguz is a man living with his three daughters in good conditions after having lost his wife a long time ago.

only dream instead is to buy the house which his father had lost due to his debts.

Their stories come across as they both buy the same house from the same landlord since they both move into the house. Funny and interesting fights leave their place to a love story between Oguz and Eda.
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