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Valley of the Wolves

Those who think of their end can't become heroes!!!!

This series became a phonemenon in Turkey and in many other countries, fans of Valley of the Wolves hold a real funeral for the leading character, Cakir and published obituaries!!! This is a story in which the state tries to destroy the mafia order by using the mafia's very own strategy to elude the law: seeking out loopless in the system.

Genre : Action, Drama
Director : Osman Sınav, Serdar Akar
Actors : Necati Şaşmaz, Mehmet Turgut

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Aslan, who heads the KGT (State Intelligence Organization), has taken Ali under his protection since a very early age. He rescues Ali from the orphanage and has him adopted by Ömer Baba, a man he trusts and respects, and his family. Aslan raises Ali with a view to hiring him as a key figure in the KGT further down the line. His university education and military training are planned accordingly. Throughout this time he is constantly required to travel far from his family. Ali falls in love with a girl from the neighborhood called Elif. A unique and deep relationship is forged between them. Whenever they are apart, Elif always awaits his return anxiously. One day, Aslan tells Ali he is finally ready for an intelligence operation. The operation has certain requirements. Everyone should know that Ali has died, while the real Ali takes on the guise of Polat, a specially created identity. To do this he undergoes plastic surgery and has his face changed beyond recognition.

One day, when the operation is underway, Polat saves the life of a small Mafia baron, Çakır. And from that day on Çakır is inseparable from him. He makes Polat a partner to his casino and treats him as one of the family. With Çakır, Polat observes the self-interested conflicts within the Mafia and the wars that are waged for a share of Mafia revenues. He relays all the information he picks up to Aslan. This gives Aslan the ammunition he needs to fuel conflict between the Mafia barons heading the Committee. Aslan kills Çakır's mortal enemy to stir up the Mafia. With the briefings he receives from Polat he discovers the secret methods the Committee barons use to smuggle drugs and illegal goods. He masterminds a series of operations to seize the smuggled goods. This generates an atmosphere of distrust and tension within the Committee. His purpose in creating an atmosphere like this is to coax the Committee barons into making a mistake and then to lay his hands on them.

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