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Little Women

They are "Little Women". They are strong, they won't give up no matter what.

They will learn from every difficulties they face. They will get stronger and determined for better days to come.

Genre : Drama
Director : Hakan Arslan
Actors : Ekin Türkmen, Hande Soral, Fulya Zenginer, Elit İşcan, Selin Ilgar

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5 sisters; the oldest is 20, the youngest is 6... After their parents passed away they fought against all the obstacles of life hand in hand. Even sometimes they quarrel, they are one for all. 5 sisters, all different from each other... The oldest Elif (20) is a law student and acts like both mother and father to her sisters, Armağan (17) is a straight, a confident, strong, wild at heart girl, Yeliz (15) a teenager that worries about school, her pimples and being popular among her friends with her little pocket money,

Bilge (12), fights with an illness that's way beyond her age, mature, a passionate reader, responsible and understanding, and Cansu (6) the youngest, the most sensitive, the cutest and a music lover. These sisters start everyday in the mansion which their parents worked as caretakers, with hope, love and determination

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