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It's a love story full of passion, conspiracy, betrayal, jealousy and hate. Short:

Sahra is a woman betrayed by her husband. When she finds out the truth, she runs away to Morocco. But it's not the end, it's just the beginning. Sahra shall have her revenge.

Genre : Drama
Director : Volkan Kocatürk
Actors : Arzum Onan, Okan Şenozan, Neslihan Yeldan, Serhat Tutumluer

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Fahri is one of the richest and most respected men in the country. He marries Kerime, who has a 5 year old spoiled daughter, Nil. Nil's glory ends upon her sister's, Sahra, birth. After Kerime's death, Nil envies Sahra even more and her jealousy turns into hate. Years pass by and Nil can't manage to get a job in her step-father's company. She marries Cemal, who Works in the company. After Sahra graduates from college, she starts to work at the company. Cemal admires Sahra so much. With the jealousy and hate, Nil kils her husband and gets sentenced.

In the meantime, Sahra falls in love with this charismatic man, Sinan and they marry. After Nil gets out from jail, she starts to plans to take revenge from Sahra. She manages to separate Sahra and Sinan. After Sahra leaves her home and goes to Morocco, Sinan follows her to reconcile. Melek, a good friend of Nil's from jail, plans a terrible accident and tries to kill Sahra in Morocco. Everybody thinks that Sahra is dead but actually she gets injured seriously. A doctor called Hossein cures her. After a couple of successful surgical operations, Sahra becomes totally a different woman and turns back to Turkey. Now it's time for Sahra to take her revenge!!!

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