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Silent Storm

Love, crime, betrayal, revenge, death. The story of love under the shadow of guns.

After the death of a patriarch of an organized crime dynasty, his son takes over the control of this clandestine empire unwillingly.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Director : Özer Kızıltan
Actors : Erkan Petekkaya, Arzum Onan, Bahar Kerimoğlu, Kadir Kandemir, Beste Bereket

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Şükrü Sancaktar is the owner of Sinus Holding. Sinus Holding is in the port, shipyard, transport and tourism business etc. Apart from these legal businesses, he's an important mafia boss in gun smuggling. Şükrü's son, Yiğit, is very well educated and has graduated from very prestigious university. He is a new generation business man.Deniz Soykan is a very beautiful and smart young woman who is an undercover agent and works as a Financial Manager at Sinus Holding to investigate the family's illegal businesses. Deniz and Yiğit start to work together and become close to each other. Deniz is attracted to Yiğit due to his attention but she doesn't respond his love at first. However, this does not prevent them from falling in love.

Şükrü's cousin, Izzet, was grown up by Şükrü. He gets tired of being under his shadow and is setting up a sly plan against the family. On the other hand, Crime Investigation Force follow Şükrü closely. They know about his gun smuggling business and therefore they are planning to start a big operation. As they get close to uncover the crime, she gets stuck between her duty and love.

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