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Tears in autumn

Genre : Drama, Romance
Director : Nihat Durak
Actors : Erkan Petekkaya, Ayça Varlıer

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Sabiha is a beautiful woman at her 30s. She got married to her lover Mehmet after finishing the school at the age of 18, and then they went together to Germany to work. Mehmet had been a messenger of a gang for years outside his family's knowledge. As he has been running away from the gang because he hadn't delivered a consignment, he suddenly decides to leave for Turkey after many years of staying in Germany. As they are on their way back to Turkey Mehmet is caught and killed in front of his family. Sabiha learns the real truth about her husband when they are back in Turkey. Mehmet has been with a German woman for many years and he has a kid named Memo. She breaks down when his husband's mistress finds them in Istanbul and leaves the 5 years old Memo to Sabiha.

Galip is an owner of a printing house and at his 40s. He had started in the printing house while he was a child, and by means of his hard working he finished his schools with the help of his boss Mr. Eşref, then he got married to his daughter Nursel. But Galip is unhappy as his wife Nursel is a very spoiled woman and doesn't want to have a child. Due to the severe conflict between husband and wife, Galip leaves her wife but hasn't divorced yet. Galip and Sabiha meet under these circumstances. They have many things in common.

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