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Foreign Groom

Two Aegean sides will make peace for the sake of love.

This is a story about an impossible love between two young lovers from the two sides of the Aegean Sea; Turkey and Greece.

Genre : Family, Comedy
Director : Durul-Yağmur Taylan
Actors : Erdal Özyağcılar, Nehir Erdoğan, Sumru Yavrucuk, Özgür Çevik

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Nazlı, the daughter of a famous baklava baker from Gaziantep, graduated from a college in Ankara, she went back to her home town. The family was very happy with the return of their beloved daughter, but there was a surprise for Nazlı. Kahraman, the father, promised his business partner, Ökkeş, that his daughter will marry Ökkeş's son, Kadir. All of Nazlı's family; her mother, father, grandfather, and sister favored the arranged marriage. Since a promise is a promise, the marriage must happen. When Kadir's family went to Nazlı's family to propose, Nazlı ran away to Zeynep, a school friend who lived in Bodrum. Nazlı found a job at one of the local hotels. While she was working there, she met with a handsome guy named Niko. Nazlı thought that Niko was British, but Niko was a Greek guy whose family once lived in Istanbul and immigrated back to Athens.

Nazlı and Niko fall in love. But the family and fiancé of Nazlı follow her. Niko's ex-girlfriend, a singer, is also a big obstacle between them. Besides all the troubles, Niko's family hates Turks and Nazlı's family hates Greeks. How can these young lovers from the two countries that endured a long history of conflicts get together?

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