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First Love

Running away doesn't leave the problems behind. A warm Aegean story from one of the best scriptwriters in Turkey, Çağan Irmak.

Ayla is a mother with a child and she is cheated by her husband. She goes back to the town where she was raised. She meets with her first love. Should she stay or go?

Genre : Drama, Romance
Director : Çağan Irmak
Actors : Özge Özberk, Polat Bilgin, Sinan Tuzcu, Tanju Tuncel

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Ayla was born in a lovely town in Aegean region. After losing her parents, she was raised by her loving grandmother and her uncle who she doesn't get along very well. Because of her uncle's misconducts, Ayla was sent away to Istanbul for her education at the age of 15. She was always "different" from other townsman. Headed to Istanbul by train, she was not only leaving the town behind but, her first love Suat (Polat Bilgin). After she finished school and improved herself for many years she got married to Sertaç (Sinan Tuzcu) and had a daughter named Eylül.

Ayla's happy marriage breaks as she learns her husband's unfaithfulness. She takes her daughter and returns to the town that she once left. Going back is not easy for Ayla as she meets her uncle whom she was in bad with, the townsman who never accepted her, and above all it creates a conflict within Ayla herself. Amid these conflicts, she comes close again with her first love Suat who has not lost his interest in her. Ayla, who would do anything for her daughter, cannot decide whether she should stay in town or go back for her daughter's sake?

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