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A Love Story

A touching romantic story about forgetting past sorrows and regrets, as love steps in..

Genre : Romance, Drama
Director : Barış Yön
Actors : Seçkin Özdemir, Damla Sönmez, Elçin Sangu, Yamaç Telli, Zuhal Olcay

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"A love story" depicts the story of Ceylan, who by entering Korkut's life brings happiness and hope, following a chain of disappointments he has had to endure in his past. Korkut is a young and handsome guy who has lived a modest life in Germany, after being abandoned by his parents as a child and then adopted, to be left alone again by his foster family. Ceylan is a beautiful young girl, who lives in Istanbul and works as a fashion designer for a famous singer, Tolga, whom Ceylan is in love with, but unfortunately her love is not reciprocated. One day, she goes to Germany with Tolga for a music video shoot. She does everything to please Tolga, but never manages to do so. She is angry and wants to return back to Istanbul. On her way to the airport, her luggage and money get stolen and she starts to wander around not knowing what to do. She then meets Korkut and asks him for help. Back then, Korkut has no idea that he has just met the woman who is going to make him forget all his pain.
Later, Korkut goes home and finds an invitation for his ex-girlfriend's wedding, who had left him, because of his poor financial state. Korkut decides to go to the wedding ceremony to try and get her back. However, at the wedding ceremony, he gets shot in the head. Doctors manage to save his life, but now he has to live with a bullet in his head and has less than a year left to live. Korkut decides to leave Germany and go to Istanbul to find his parents and have a peaceful life until he dies. In this story, you will explore love, romance, mother-son relations, hope, anger, conflict, and betrayal, as Korkut learns about his rich mother and famous brother, who live a happy and fancy life in Istanbul. However, Ceylan will make a lot of changes in Korkut's life, as they slowly begin to fall in love. Will Korkut forget about his past and get to live the rest of his life in peace? Will he take revenge on his mother and brother? Or will Ceylan manage to change all that?
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