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Hidden Lies

Genre : Drama, Romance
Director : Mehmet Ada Öztekin
Actors : Melis Birkan, Muhammed Uzuner, Özgür Çevik

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Cevher Holding is one of the leading mining companies in Turkey. Murat Cevher, the eldest son in the family, owns and runs the company. He is married to Sureyya, but their marriage seems to be just on paper as Sureyya had asked for divorce and left for the USA. One day he meets Defne and gets attracted to her instantly. Just as their story is about the begin, Sureyya returns having changed her mind about the divorce. After a while, realizing that she won't be able to convince Murat about saving their marriage, she commits suicide. On the very same day Defne gets murdered. Murat, who does not know about the murder, tries to reach Defne but can't succeed.
In time, he surrenders to his fate and accepts Defne's disappearance. Two years later, during a business trip to Ukraine, Defne shows up. The murderer and witnesses are convinced that she had been murdered. However, she has an secret side - she is Gulce, the twin sister of Defne. After living abroad for a long period of time, Gulce returns to Turkey with the aim to find her sister following her sudden disappearance. When she visits the apartment, where Defne shared with her flat mate Basak, she finds her sister's diary and begins to learn about the the love story, which took place two years before prior to her disappearance. Irresistible love affairs, secrets and of the past will change the life of the Cevher Family forever.
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