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Forbidden Fruit

Yasak Elma

Yıldız and Zeynep are two sisters, who are very close but have very different characters and life goals. Zeynep is a girl who strictly adheres to her ethical values, aims to have a successful career and strives for it; while Yıldız believes that she deserves more and considers happiness to be a marriage with a rich man, who would save her from her low-income life.

Genre : Drama
Director : Neslihan Yeşilyurt
Actors : Talat Bulut, Şevval Sam, Onur Tuna, Eda Ece, Sevde Erginci
35 TVH

Total Video Hours

Yıldız's life is about to take a new turn when she meets Ender Argun. Yıldız recognizes Ender Argun from the weekly tabloids, envies her and the life she leads and dreams of becoming the queen of Istanbul just like her. Ender's aim is to divorce her husband Halit, without losing her position within Istanbul's high society circle as well as her financial status. She knows she cannot receive a fortune during their divorce, so she comes up with a plan to set him up with a girl and consequently blame him for infidelity, which would get her a high compensation in court. The girl she's looking for is no one else but Yıldız.
On the other hand, Zeynep starts working at Halit's partner's firm. While Yıldız is about to take the most important decision of her life, Zeynep will get caught up in a life altering chain of events that she had never even dreamt of.
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