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Ali Loves Ayse Ali Ayşe'yi Seviyor

  • Año :

  • Género :

    Drama, Acción
  • Elenco :

    Hakan Yilmaz, Salih Kalyon, Sennur Nogaylar, Kerem Kupaci
  • Productor :

    NTC Medya
  • Duración :

    37 TV Horas
  • Horas de TV / Temporada

  • País de Origen :

  • Disponible en :

    Episodios Terminados & Formato

When a father and son fall in love with a mother and daughter everything else is relative! Widower Kemal and his bachelor son Ali live together and work together as barbers in a small neighbourhood in Istanbul. Life is routine and ordinary until, at the age of 60, Kemal falls in love with Ayten.

Ali sets off to ask Ayten for her hand in marriage, on behalf of his father, and ends up falling in love – on the spot – with her gorgeous daughter Ayşe. There and then he decides to ask for her hand in marriage as well.

However, there are many obstacles to overcome before these two couples can unite – not least Kemal’s son-in-law and Ayten’s disapproving son. Packed with big characters, amusing situations and cheerful storylines, Ali Loves Ayşe is a heart-warming comedy about love, life, friends and family.

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