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Tom’s Istanbul Delights Tom Aikens ile Istanbul’un En İyileri

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    AZ Celtic Films for FIC
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    Episodios Terminados & Formato

Tom’s Istanbul Delights is a 6 part series that captures the British chef Tom Aiken’s culinary adventure in Istanbul. Having opened one of his restaurants in Istanbul, Tom knows that he needs to learn about the cultural recipe of this city. Hence, he seeks the best ingredients, explores tastes and flavours, and learns about the traditions and food culture in this ancient city. Throughout his journey he is accompanied with some local companions. And with the collection of all the knowledge and the inspiration driven from such, he heads to his kitchen in Istanbul, to create his own recipes. With scenes like Tom cooking on a little fishing boat with a non English speaking fisherman in the middle of the Bophorus or going deep down into the heat to see how buryan kebab is cooked in a pit oven the series is aiming to show the viewer the uniqueness of this magical city.