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25 Litres 25 Litre

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Gokhan Ozoguz, one of the biggest rock stars in Turkey, sets out to a journey to explore Istanbul’s resources and the potential risks ahead through experts and real human stories.

Unsettled by the possibility of Cape Town citizens having to live with 25 litres of water per day if the Day Zero hits, Gokhan tries to imitate that in his home only to see it’s almost impossible to achieve that keeping the same life quality as he has now. Then he goes back to the field to learn about the potential solutions to avoid a dreadful and a dark future, where the everyday life is hit by a major water crisis.

On a parallel edit, the documentary envisions an alternate future in a scripted story, which displays how the life could be if we did not start to change the way we consume water today. The main objective of 25 Litres is to create awareness in the community about the looming threat, and inspire people to take actions now.

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