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Adela Adela

  • Year :

  • Genre :

  • Cast :

    Mara Oprea, Oana Mosneagu, Alecsandru Dunaev
  • Producer :

    Dream Film Production
  • Duration :

    159 TV Hours
  • TV Hrs/ Season :

    S1:48, S2:36, S3:40, S4:35
  • Country of Origin :

  • Available as :

    Finished Episodes & Format

Adela, what’s mine is yours
Adela and Andreea are two sisters, who were raised by their parents, Nuti and Mitu, in their poor home in a slum near Bucharest. One day, the secret identity of Adela is about to be revealed, when her biological grandfather decides to repair his past mistakes. However, before bringing Adela to her real father, the old man dies and Nuti and Mitu burry him in the garden, and the truth seems to be forever buried along with him. Presented with this new opportunity, Nuti and Mitu decide to send their own daughter Andreea in Adela’s place, since the real father of Adela is the powerful media mogul, Paul Andronic. Nuti become increasingly obsessed with living in the mogul’s mansion, and when she realizes she is not welcomed by the rich, snobbish family, she begrudgingly accepts to live in the annex house for the time being. Although Nuti and Andreea seem like strong allies and committed to take what is owed to Adela, they will face a lot of trials and tribulations in keeping the secret.

Meanwhile, Paul Andronic’s right hand, Mihai, has his own revenge he plans to carry out against the Andronic family, whom he blames for killing his parents when he was only 6 years old. His vengeful plans are hindered, when he falls in love with Adela, which makes Andreea very jealous. Andreea is determined to also take Mihai away from her sister, at any cost. Although part of him wants to forget about everything and just be with Adela, things get more complicated when his parents’ killer is released from prison. Eventually, the truth comes out and it turns out that Martha, Paul’s mother, was the moral author of the tragic double murder. She suffers from a brain aneurism the same day that the killer is taken out by a mysterious sniper and Mihai is blamed for it. Thanks to his longtime friend, Mihai’s innocence is proven. Wanting to put everything to rest and carry on with his life, Mihai proposes to Adela, but Andreea won’t quit that easy. On the day of the wedding, Andreea tells Adela she is pregnant with Mihai’s baby. The past comes knocking on everybody’s door once again, when Adela’s real mom, whom everybody thought was dead, shows up at the mansion. On Mihai’s side, the news that the kid his mom was pregnant with when she was killed is alive, troubles him, rekindling his thirst for uncovering the truth. Will Adela and Mihai get back together despite the many obstacles their love face? How long will Andreea and Nuti be able to keep up with their lie and how long before Mihai discovers who his brother is? And who is the mysterious sniper? All these questions will be answered in the second season.

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