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  • Year :

  • Genre :

  • Cast :

    Alperen Duymaz, Melisa Aslı Pamuk, Ahmet Kayakesen, Rüya Helin Demirbulut, Derya Beşerler
  • Producer :

    Pastel Film
  • Duration :

    40 TV Hours
  • TV Hrs/ Season :

  • Country of Origin :

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    Finished Episodes & Format

The Koraslan Family is one of the most well-known families in tourism industry in Turkey. Sibel is the second child of the family and is in charge of Finance in the company, while her big brother Tuncay is the Marketing Manager.

On the the other hand, the Ozturks are a middle-class family, Burhan being the father, who lost his beloved wife 2 years ago, his daughter Elif, who works as kindergarten teacher, and Arda, who quit university and now works as a delivery boy.

Elif is engaged to Erhan, a frank and brave man who works in the finance department at the Koraslan Family’s firm. Burhan loves Erhan as his own son and relies heavily on him. When Erhan asks for money to invest on the stock market, he hypothecates his house in return for a huge loan. Things turn for the worse and Erhan loses the all money.

The Ozturk Family could lose their house unless Erhan mends the situation. Meanwhile Sibel, who got unexpectedly abandoned by the man, who she had fallen in love with for the first time in her life, suddenly learns that she has a cyst in her womb and if she doesn’t conceive soon, she will not be able to bear children. She decides to get pregnant by a man who is handsome, confident, possessive and brave. Even though he is engaged to Elif, Sibel chooses Erhan as the father to her future child. Sibel makes a proposition to them – Erhan is to spend 3 days with her in a hotel room. He accepts.

Even though, Erhan has done nothing to be ashamed of during those 3 nights, Elif can’t forgive him for accepting Sibel’s offer and expects for him to resign after the indecent incident. On the contrary, Sibel promotes Erhan and they start working closer together. Elif loses her trust in Erhan.

Furthermore, Elif loses her job. While she is trying to deal with the pain and betrayal, she meets Tuncay Koraslan, who has an illegitimate son, Berkay. She soon moves into the Koraslan’s house in order to work as a babysitter to Berkay. Despite being unable to forget Erhan, she can’t resist Tuncay’s attention. On the other hand, Tuncay is married to Begum, who is oblivious to everything.

Meanwhile, Erhan starts to get closer to Sibel and eventually they walk the aisle together. But the marriage is overclouded by Elif’s unexpected pregnancy news. Erhan, once again, finds himself again in a predicament. He must decide whether he should stay with the woman he loves to be with the woman he loves or be a father of his future child.

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