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For The Love of Justice Kurşun

  • Year :

  • Genre :

  • Cast :

    Engin Altan Duzyatan, Burcin Terzioglu, Berrak Tuzunatac, Sarp Akkaya,
  • Producer :

    Most Production
  • Duration :

    21 TV Hours
  • TV Hrs/ Season :

  • Country of Origin :

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    Finished Episodes

“1970. Istanbul. A man and a woman will transform the destiny of a country”. This is a story of the struggle of a prosecutor seeking justice during the 70s in Turkey; and a young and courageous journalist, who trusts his pen. The love of Orhan and Leyla takes place between the colourful Istanbul neighbourhood culture of the 70s and the dark underworld.

“For the love of justice” is the tale of the all consuming love between Leyla and Orhan, who changed the history of a country with their belief in love and justice.
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