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In Another Life Adı Zehra

  • Year :

  • Genre :

  • Cast :

    Zeynep Camci, Hatice Aslan, Alican Yucesoy, Inanc Konukcu
  • Producer :

    NTC Medya
  • Duration :

    42 TV Hours
  • TV Hrs/ Season :

  • Country of Origin :

  • Available as :

    Finished Episodes

Be careful what you wish for: sometimes dreams can turn into a living nightmare! Zehra, 22, was born into a strict Turkish family in Berlin. She was never allowed to go to school and was being forced into an arranged marriage by her parents.

Now pregnant by her sweetheart Kadir she attempts to elope with him, but she has dishonoured her family and is hunted down by her father and brother and left half-dead on a roadside, with her baby gone. During her recovery in hospital, she identifies herself with a lookalike missing person – Hande Kurdoğlu – who hasn’t been seen for seven years. Hande’s mother flies to Berlin to be reunited with her ‘long lost daughter’ she is welcomed with open arms and quickly taken ‘home’ to a mansion in Istanbul. Even Kadir and her family set off to find her in Istanbul, she turns away from them and becomes close to Genco, Hande’s childhood sweetheart. Meanwhile, in her new life, Zehra suspects that Hande’s mother is hiding a terrible secret about what happened to real Hande and why her mother welcomed a total stranger into family. Zehra is sure about one thing: she has to find out what happened to the girl whose life she is now living.

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