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Let It Happen Now! Oluversin Gari

  • Year :

  • Genre :

    Romantic Comedy
  • Cast :

    Aslihan Malbora, Birand Tunca, Tugba Melis Turk, Halil Ibrahim Kurum
  • Producer :

    Hasan Doğan
  • Duration :

    M1-M2-M3:117' & M4-M5-M6:135′
  • Country of Origin :


“Let It Happen Now!” is a “6 movie sequal”. Archeologist Guney (Birand Tunca) goes to Sahilkoy when he finds out that his father Salih (Suat Sungur) intends to build a hotel on a historic site there. When he starts searching for ways to stop the construction, he meets Derya (Ashlihan Malbora), an activist who is also against the hotel.

Salih is willing to go to any length, including bribery and fraud, to buy the land for the hotel, but it all goes terribly wrong when he finds out that his son is now in Sahilkoy. Guney looks for the remains of an ancient city while he also finds love and is now stuck between his ex-girlfriend Seda (Tugba Melis Turk), the treasure hunters in town and the people who support the construction of a hotel. This will be the begining of a “6 movie” sequal.

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