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Our Story Bizim Hikaye

  • Year :

  • Genre :

    Drama, Romance
  • Cast :

    Hazal Kaya, Burak Deniz, Reha Ozcan, Yagizcan Konyali, Nejat Uygur
  • Producer :

  • Duration :

    200 TV Hours
  • TV Hrs/ Season :

    S1:107, S2:93
  • Country of Origin :

  • Available as :

    Finished Episodes

Adapted from award winning UK drama “Shameless” is the story of a family struggling to survive in one of the poorer districts of town. Filiz, the eldest sibling has become like a mother for her brothers and sisters. She has been looking after her five younger siblings ever since their mother abandoned them.

She takes care of her family despite their alcoholic father Fikri and hangs on to life without complaining. Like Filiz, the siblings are strong-willed, eclectic, proud children who have learned to look after themselves without succumbing to despair. Six siblings try to hang on to each other and find happiness despite their father Fikri, who is only interested in having a drink and earning easy money. Barış’s love for Filiz will set everybody on a different path.

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