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Romantic Comedy-2 Romantik Komedi -2

  • Year :

  • Genre :

    Romantic Comedy
  • Cast :

    Sedef Avci, Sinem Kobal, Burcu Kara, Engin Altan Duzyatan, Cemal Hunal, Gurgen Oz
  • Producer :

    Erol Ozlevi
  • Duration :

  • Country of Origin :


Zeynep and Ergun are now married and Esra ,too, is in preparation to tie the knot. Didem is the only one in the group, that has remained single, as her boyfriend Cem, has not yet proposed.

As a result, she starts reading a book, trying all the techniques it desribes, hoping that he would propose.
She starts to follow every step he takes, leading her to Cem’s secret bachelor party. Alas, that’s just one of the many surprises revealed in this charming comedy ensemble.

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