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The Karadag Family Karadağlar

  • Year :

  • Genre :

  • Cast :

    Erdal Ozyagcilar, Hatice Sendil, Ibrahim Celikkol, Korel Cezayirli, Burak Sagyasar
  • Producer :

  • Duration :

    75 TV Hours
  • TV Hrs/ Season :

  • Country of Origin :

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    Finished Episodes & Format

Tha Karadag family is a story centered around a father and his sons, where love, intrigue and revenge never diminish. Halit Karadag and his sons live in a village, where there’s a big gap between the wealthy lords and poor peasants.

Halit Karadag is a vulgar man, whose main concerns are making money and seducing young women. He married twice and has three sons: Gulali, Kadir and Selahattin. Halit is not interested in his sons and sends them away to be brought up by relatives and friends.

His eldest son Gulali, a drunk and gambler, is in love with the town’s teacher. His son Kadir is religious, naive and loved by everyone. He tries to get the dowry money from his step brother Gulali in order to marry Zuhal.

Halit’s youngest son, Selahattin, a young lawyer has just returned to town. His comeback will change everyone’s lives. And Gulhayat – a beautiful and mysterious woman, come back ready to do anything in order to get the revenge on Halit, who she blames for her father’s death.

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