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The Well Bunar

  • Year :

  • Genre :

  • Cast :

    Milica Janevski, Denis Murić, Boris Milivojević, Nataša Ninković, Igor Đorđević
  • Producer :

    TS Media powered by Telekom Srbija
  • Duration :

    11 TV Hours
  • TV Hrs/ Season :

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    Finished Episodes & Format

The well is an existential story. The search for deeper meaning. Search for an answer the question why we exist in this world. The main protagonist, a philosophy professor Radomir Pavlović is in search of the meaning. He is at the peak of his powers in the beginning of the road. He is young enough, in his forties, by Selimović’s standards, yet not old enough to understand what he will encounter in his path. He is into everything, and yet not up to anything.

Alienated from everything, even from his native region Šumadija, where the story takes place, or at least this is what he thinks. „Those are the forties. This is a bad period, because you are still young to have desires, and yet old to fulfill them. 10 years less or more and everything would be fine“, said Meša Selimović, one of the greatest author of Yugoslav literature. Radomir is 45 and he’s nowhere. We will see him in the beginning of our story as the most beautiful, most intelligent, most eloquent and successful professor, adored by media, the author of a popular book, but one event changes everything and everything falls apart over night. He goes to his birth house, his hometown in the center of Karađorđević’s Serbia which is not the same as he remembers it. There are those returns that don’t help us find ourselves, moreover they keep us a part. Sometimes we choose them, sometimes they surprise us or we don’t have a choice and sometimes they take us on the road which we cannot perceive. We follow Radomir on his road where he will encounter others who are surprised, forgotten, some new unknown people and as it often happens, each of these encounter brings an inevitable change.

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